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Which do you want: the pain of staying where you are, or the pain of growth?
Judith Hanson Lasater (via earnestly)


Interesting how we’re always hearing how shameful and irresponsible it is to be a teen mom.

But we never hear the same messages directed at teen dads.

Or even the words “teen dad”.

It’s almost like society demonizes women’s sexuality and sexual choices while absolving men of all sexual responsibility and judgement.


Hi doctor I have a problem


Hi doctor I have a problem


i don’t care about straight girls who are afraid to cut their hair short in case they get called lesbians, i care about the fact that lesbians are being used as fucking insults 

You loved a man who treated you like absinthe, half poison and half god.
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Happy Birthday Frida Khalo

*with my fav photo of her… 

It’s like getting into a bath. But the water is like warm chocolate pudding. And The Smiths are playing “There’s a Light that Never Goes Out.” There’s warm light all over and there are like five dudes massaging you. And you have a pizza.
Marisol Gonzales and Maritza Ramos - What is love? (via larmoyante)
It’s always surprising to me how many young women think they have to be perfect. I rarely meet a young man who doesn’t think he already is.

 Hillary Clinton speaking at Simmons Leadership Conference (via femininefreak)


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Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already.
Overwhelmingly accurate. (via yourshadeofgrey)